Saturday, November 14, 2009

तेरे लिए दोस्त.......

कभी यूँ भी होता है की हिम्मत उदास होती है ,
अफ़सोस खुशी बाजारों में कहाँ मिलती है........
उठ, उस आईने से गर्द हटा , दो चमकती आंखों में तेरी कायनात बस्ती है!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

निचोढ़ !!

सुमुंदर की गहराईथी आँखों में मेरी, तुमने सिर्फ़ रंगत देखि,
सुकरात सी सोच थी खामोशी में मेरी, तुमने सिर्फ़ फुर्सत देखि.....
कहा जो मैंने शायद" ही" वो भी सुम्झा , अनकहा सुमझते तो उल्फत होती
शिकायत किस्से करूं, तन्हाई लपेटे खड़ी हूँ
हर तरफ है भीढ़ पर अंधेरों से अपने अकेले ही लड़ी हूँ
ध्वस्त नहीं है उत्साह , हौसलों में अब भी चढान है
डूबता है दिल कभी -२ आखिर सीने में जिसके है, वो सिर्फ़ एक इंसान है
समेटते हैं फिर टूटे -बिखरे साहस को ,जानती हूँ अथक चलना ही जीवन की पहचान है
रुक कर टूट जाना ये तो सबसे आसान है ...............................
इक खलिश सी उठती है कभी की रास्ता इतना दुर्गम न होता
जो किसी ने सच्चे दिल से मेरा साथ दिया होता
पर वो भी क्या करें मजबूर उसका भी ईमान है
समझा दिया है समय ने, मेरी तरह लड़ रहा वो भी अपना संग्राम है !!!

what world have we arrive family & friends wait for ur status change to know ur plight & then indulge in frivolous..."take care honey "thing, the warmth totally missing.
The connection heart to heart, yes, i'm still strong believer of telepathy has lost its signals among more sophisticated electronic ones which envelops us all round . People ignore till absolutely necessary to get involved in woes of others on whom they technically in very worldly way dote on till absolutely necessary cos they have enough of their own issues to deal with , pretext used here being "giving space."I really wonder if this was the world , i opened my eyes & equally important, is this the world , i'd like to close my eyes on......answer "no" . Then ..what????????
I know only one thing, i cant carry the back-pack of relationships which have stopped yielding anything,I now have vowed to invest only in people who down the line have withstood my tantrums, dealt wid my anxieties, open heartedly embraced me as much as i've been on the other side, in all people who've untiringly loved me with all my folly's & stupidities, i guess it lessens my pain to an extent of not getting back my due in return.
I sound so much like people i despise but i guess its important for my survival now.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The void , I thought could never be filled by anyone not because nobody fitted the bill but more because no one noticed it in my life, WHY????? cos people have life to live, they are busy.I can now claim ,is beautifully fitted in by you beloved didi pallavi. I never told you anything about this void but you were concerned truly to unearth it from under the various wraps ,i hid it in. I didn't talk bout it ever but you were focussed enough to sense the undercurrent .I never could cure it but you went out of your way to balm it with your soothing words & unsung gestures . I know , thank you is not acceptable to you but still ............I want you to know You are special & very precious to me . You re my are my elder sis, god forgot to give me in time but he has more than made up for his folly.Just a reminder ..."I LOVE YOU" & really look upto you. THANKS FOR BEING THERE FOR ME PAL....LOVEU.