Thursday, November 27, 2008


I am an indian & i woke up to the heart wrenching news of siege at the financial capital of my homeland ..........mumbai on 27/11/08. Like an average human being i rushed & grabbed my cell phone , frantically started calling all my dear ones/ acquaintances , relieved to hear their familiar voices at the other end, reversing my worst fears & whoa.....i couldn't have been more thankful to god.
Day progressed & in midst of my daily chores i kept following the news channels closely & its then that the reality dawned on me ,i felt so petty as a human, comparison being with my co-countrymen , an average mumbaikar , people witnessing the massacre of hundreds of innocent citizens , kins anxiously waiting outside the arena of luxury hotels exemplifying epitomes of patience & civic behaviour , motivating our fighters NSG /ATS / INDIAN NAVY commandos, army personnel, providing them with food & tea as a gesture of thanks when most of us would have preferred not to step out of our dens. People of mumbai who flocked the roads & gathered to bid our heroes their due ADIEU. Families who put the mourning on hold to pay homage to martyrs who embraced death with their chin up, laid their life in honor of my nation, fought ferociously & took the bullet on their truly are the heroes.
I whole heartedly wanted to hug our media persons who braved gunshots, grenade attacks, indiscriminate firing to enable the world to see how india is bleeding at the hands of few wretched minds & most importantly how the spirit of india refuses to fall prey to the designs of these heart shouts "bharat maata ki jai".
Moving ahead & thinking beyond the cliche of engaging in drawing room politics,posing intellectuals looking for the scapegoat, shrugging shoulders & shirking the responsibility to be borne by every individual citizen, taking cue from my co-citizens in mumbai, i decided to reach out to the people in need of a platform to vent out, to provide a resting shoulder to many unknown friends , to wipe the tears off a few unseen faces, to make mumbai feel supported & loved , to make an average mumbaikar who felt beaten on its journey back to normalcy; feel appreciated & motivated................I bow to the undying spirit of this city.Mumbaikars have reinforced the image of india that the world comes looking at, mumbai is perseverance,resilience, patience, humanity, morality personified. you truly are the best ............................... SALAAM BOMBAY!!