Monday, December 7, 2009


by Heather Loughton
A thunderous silence
breaks through my thoughts.
What was once many great ideas
is now a triumph, lost.

Baffling words tumble through my mind.
Reflections of darkness hover.
A disturbing peacefulness beckons to me,
and inside myself, I take cover.

What would it be like to stay there forever?
To be lost in all my cares?
From the inside, looking out -
I cry silent tears


Pal said...

Thatw as past....your future is.....

Going back to my true self
My old and my familiar self
Walking backwards
Towards yesterday
I thread backwards in time
Undoing the damage that was left behind
Clearing the rubble from my eyes
I am no longer blind
Now gifted with sight
I Paint over my mind skies
Splashing rainbows over the dark clouds
Trading insecurities for possibilities
I can now see the sun where he stands in the sky

I discard my coat of shadows
And proudly stand exposed before him
Beckoning him, come closer
No longer afraid to let his light shine on me
But shy as he sweeps over me
I shiver as he caresses me
As I thaw, cold flashes consumes me
I shiver in delight of this new pleasure he brings me
As I slip out of night into the break of day
My metamorphosis is almost complete
No longer frozen I am free to feel.

nidhi said...

pallavi..............but its not true. if I delineates from my past...I'll be practically dead coz those were the best emotions I ever experienced.