Thursday, February 4, 2010

Those of you who kept wondering why I was away from my blog ,
all the followers who waited patiently for an update,
thank you for all your love and support.....I owe you an apology & more to it, an explanation। The january of 2010 saw me introspecting about my own life,meditating/hibernating ....enormous twisting & churning took place, indeed it yielded both amrut & venom......venom - I suceeded in flushing out,
Dew- drops of amrut - are waiting here for you....

here's why I was missing.......A Triveni says it all...

कुछ नए रिश्तों पे बौर आई,
कुछ पुरानों कि जढ़ों को दीमक खा गयी,

मौसम ने मिजाज़ बदला और मिजाज़ ने मौसम!!!


Pal said...

sober explanation of sombre experiences.....Some times one has to go through fall of relationsips to welcome spring of new one's...keep expressing....your words heal others too.

Nimisha said...

very very soothing words Nids. main aur Pal iss triveni ka arth bahut achchhe se samjhenge kyoki hum tumko samajhte hain.
ab ye khushnuma mizaaz aur mausam dono tumhare saath hamesha rahen aisi dua hai mweri.
love you.

shailza said...

i am very happy that u r succeeded in flushing the venom out ...i guess that very difficult to that in ones's life ... the words u wrote they r amazing ...& reading ur blog brings more meaning & simplicity in my life ...take care

A Blushing Tulip said...

All good things come to an end and so did this relationship..cherish the good memories and flush out the bad ones...You know, sun always shines brighter after the rain..

Pal said...

ये मोजज़ा भी मोहब्बत कभी दिखाए मुझे

कि संग तुझ पे गिरे और ज़ख्म आये मुझे

[mojza=miracle, sang=stone]

वो मेरा दोस्त है सारे जहां को है मालूम

दग़ा करे वो किसी से, तो शर्म आये मुझे

वो मेहरबान है तो इकरार क्यूँ नहीं करता

वो बदगुमां है तो सौ बार आजमाए मुझे

वही तो सब से ज्यादा है नुक्ता-चीं मेरा

जो मुस्कुरा के हमेशा गले लगाए मुझे

बरंग-ए-ऊद मिलेगी उसे मेरी खुश्बू

वो जब भी चाहे बडे शौक़ से जलाए मुझे

[Ood or Ud=an incense, aloeswood

that has a fragrant smell]

मैं अपनी जात में नीलाम हो रहा हूँ

गम-ए-हयात से कह दो खरीद लाये मुझे