Sunday, February 22, 2009

The "Living" Grave..........!

Death brings an end to life......
the anxiety, the curiosity,the lavishness, the bitterness, the ups and downs , the highs and lows.....everything vanishes, when death mows.

We all mourn the dead but forget to add that peace be with him.........he let goes of the life, he led. No one ever prays to this affect and I often wonder ,what the dead thinks when his life defacts????

The dead takes to his grave, all his desires, all his designs, his shattered dreams, his life's realms, his forgotten glory,his untold story, his half baked desires, his unsaid ires, His heart holds all the secrets, then why the world thinks, he is put to peace????

The coffin holds only his physical form, the real grave has his heart as a dorm.
The dead cannot move talk or even breathe but have all the time in the world to pay himself.......heed.

Death eluded me, Life excluded me, the place I stand at was never meant to be. Confusion, evasion, erosion of emotions are on the roll while my life witnesses me still standing tall.These words were never put to pen, never expected to escape their den, then , why the hell, reality dawned this hue, why life made me realize........... my heart is a grave too!!!

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