Monday, March 23, 2009

Shards Of Dreams!

Barefooted i was walking in the retrospect , traversing, strolling through Life. Life i had lived, life i was made to live, life i chose, life bestowed on me, life i regret, life i didn't love, life i wanted to live. something pricked my foot, blood gushed out & i bend to see what happened.....oh it was a shard, very small but very significant, something i had long forgotten, something that was mine, solely mine but i had lost long back, no long- long was my dream, pure, diminutive, pious , angelic. The shards were strewn all over, pieces small , miniscule which could not be put together and i didn't have the strength to put together or it was the patience i lacked , i think the willingness , no the acceptance of failure probably.What the heck, no body wanted to know anyways.
I yanked it out of my foot, it hurt, it pained, Why????????? Was i living as yet???????? WELL who cares. some more blood gushed , leaving a small hole at the site. I pressed the hole hard, very hard .Amazing, i could do so much with my numb upper limbs. I nursed it with some wet mud , wettened by some salty aqous flowing out of my eyes, it tasted strange. I limped , tripped, got up and limped again to finish off my chores.
Days after , I can't see the hole now, the blood stopped flowing long back . Wound has healed but theres some strange lines that cover the site now.....i got to know, its called a scar. Scar.......funny thing, it reminds me every now and then of the shard i threw out. The sharp piercing shard i turned my back on. The shard that again got lost into zillion pieces of its fraternity. The shard i intend not to encounter again. The shard i prefer to erase from my mind..........It was the shard of my dream . Yes, my dream!

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