Tuesday, March 9, 2010

रुंधा सवाल!!

क्यों जन्मा था मुझे जो किसी को यूँ ही अर्पण कर देना था,
क्यों कहा अपना जो सदा के लिए पराया कर देना था,
गर्भ में पीढ़ा मैंने भी उतनी ही दी तो क्यों किसी से कमतर हुई,
रात-२ जाग पाला मुझे भी तेरी ममता तो समान्तर रही!

बचपन खेला जिस आंगन में जहाँ उम्र कि बेल बढ़ी,
उसी आँगन में जाने को आज क्यों उलझे से नियमों में बंधी,
हल्का ताप होता था मुझे, पसीना तुझे आ जाता था,
दे दिया भेंट कन्या को जब तब कलेजा क्यों नहीं कांपा था!

जिस गोद पली जिन कांधो पर चली,
रिश्ते पीछे छूटे हैं,
नए घर में पहेचानूं किसको
यहाँ तो दर्पण भी सब टूटे हैं!

इतनी विनती सुनना भगवन , न दोहराना ये प्रतिघात,
इस जन्म किया सो किया अगले जन्म ये न करना मेरे साथ,
अगर बेटी जग कि जननी है तो क्यों सीना उसका छलनी है,
डोली में बिठाया था तुमने आभास हुआ ये अर्थी है !!

रंजीता (दार्जीलिंग ) को समर्पित...शब्द मेरे हैं , ये कहानी उसकी है !!


Nims said...

Nidhi, bahut badhiya. mera bhi dil rundh gaya. shabdo ka chunaav, execution is all very good. likhti raho...

nitika said...

kuch hee lafjo mein puri kahani keh dali..m really touched by the way u wrote..

अगर बेटी जग कि जननी है तो क्यों सीना उसका छलनी है...bahut badiya kaha nidhi..

Jyoti said...

wow Nidhi just wow ... I have never read such such beautiful words . Really it really really touched my heart and sould

I almost had tears in my eyes on this line "डोली में बिठाया था तुमने आभास हुआ ये अर्थी है !!

Excellent so proud u to be your friend ! Love u ...

Suhasini said...

I am not sure I understand everyword , but the do get the underlying emotions.. feeling sad for her.

SRT said...

SUman --
Very powerful words nidhi..Impact!!
U cud put across the heart wrenching truth of many women's lives life perfectly

Subha Manoj said...

Nidhi, for every person, be it a man or a woman, it is necessary to come back and reconnect to the roots every time there is questioning of one's faith, and life. For a woman, it should never ever stop when she gets married, because a woman has to undergo a lot of emotional and physical changes once she gets married. There is nothing like finding the right "roots" and never leave them. I really hope Rajita finds her roots in her parents and reconnects, in order to find herself. Amen!

Pal said...

Even after reading all this i would like to say " agle janam mohe bitiya hi kijo"....i dont want to sound demeaning towards men but only a woman..YOU ..Nidhi can connect to anothers pain in a way that we all feel it...the way you experessed her pain....it touches a chord in all.
You have a gift...wrench hearts with your words and connect us.

deepika said...

It is wonderful .. each and every word has a deep meaning and is touchy.

romi said...

Its really touching....beautifully written, every women in this world
faces this challenge...& these things
make her more strong to face the world

Madhusmita said...

Only you can put such deep emotions into words...

The last line was climactic:
डोली में बिठाया था तुमने आभास हुआ ये अर्थी है !!
The story of many women actually...if not most.

shailza said...

rajita girl .. u r having the tougest time on earth ..hope that things comes to normal ...& i wish to hear abt u from 10 - 15 - 20 yrs from now on .... i wish to see the daughter / DIl u have, never repeat these words

"इतनी विनती सुनना भगवन , न दोहराना ये प्रतिघात,
इस जन्म किया सो किया अगले जन्म ये न करना मेरे साथ,"

i hope that u have love & peace in this life .... take care sweetheart..

shailza said...

for u nidhi ...

u r the mother who gives life a soul ...without u ( ur words ) life ( story ) wouldn't be there

Shubha said...

Very heart felt Nidhi.... I am speechless....
A daughters life is so much better when parents are with her good or bad... I wish Rajita will have her parents with her in every step soon.

A Blushing Tulip said...

Its absolutely soul-touching, Nidhi...a deep insight into plight of many women.

How unfortunate it is..many of us long for security with in our own homes, wish for a shoulder to cry on..crave for being loved n cared by the ppl around w/o paying a price for it.

Your words summarize all of it.....I wish lots of Sunshine in all those lives.

As a Woman, We all must reborn one day with perseverance as vast as the Universe!

keep writing..You are the Voice of many demoralized souls out there.

- richa

Ranjita said...

di, the quality about your writing is you feel the things from heart and write in such a way that it touches every women's heart.you give every article a personal touch and that makes it different from other's.

Dear Rajita, i can understand what you are going through.being a woman i have also been through such a phase.But believe me every darkness has a silver lining.you are surrounded be lots of questions and doubts right now. but once you keep yourself in your mother's place you will start getting answers to your questions. things will be better soon and then this will be your experience to share with other friends who will be in such shadows of life looking for a helping hand. cheer up.

Jyoti Sudhir said...

Loved it, as always.
Keep writing..

Bidisha said...

"इतनी विनती सुनना भगवन , न दोहराना ये प्रतिघात,
इस जन्म किया सो किया अगले जन्म ये न करना मेरे साथ,..."

Nidhi, I donot know what Ranjita was going through then, but the way you wrote is so heartfelt and could not be written better.

The last para was rather too harsh on yourself. Woman/Daughters/Mothers feel as they are "woman". You could and would feel connected to the "pain" always.

इस जन्म किया सो किया अगले जन्म ये bhi करना मेरे साथ, mujhe bitiya-hi banana, jitne bhi dard ho woh mujhe hi dena, warna papa ke kandho par sar rakhke royega kaun, is godi mein baithke khikilayega kaun...


Love the way you write, Nidhi.. re-reading it just makes me feel more blessed to be able to stay connected with people like you.

Thanks for sharing.