Wednesday, June 10, 2009


A beautiful , strong,loving woman of few days short of 80 left us all glum & grim on 9th of june'09, my nani-inlaw, my hubby's first love or so he says for her hevenly abode & I'm left with so many unanswered questions again peering up at me & discarding the answers popping up in my head . Nevertheless, they won't be answered anyhow now coz no one has time for them now amongst all the preparations & goodbyes that follows her. A Mother of 14 kids , 10 daughters & 4 sons , she had quite a roller coaster ride for life as such.seeing it all from riches to rags story which bounced back to original riches no sooner her youngest son took charge of the fanily business. She died a happy woman, contended who did all her duties impeccably & was finally confiscated to the pyre among all glitterati & festivities that follows when one dies seeing their children & grandchildren blooming fully. i wish, i could see this contentment in my life or after that & thats the blessing i seek from naniji while she strides confidently into heaven & look down on all of us from above.

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