Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tate-a tate with my god !! 33 rd birthday is on its way. hmmmmm..what have I done after living for so long???? This still remains the biggest question I raise on my existence, as aging , the impact of not able to answer it yet is becoming huge, no.....colossal.
Time is running out & I'm still trying to find a foot hold,How wasted I feel.
Looking around, i know & understand there is alot that needs to be done but, how??
This tryst gets to me on every birthday that I celebrate , with so much guilt I cut the cake & blow the candles , yet i do it , why?? Coz m too entangled in worldly fads , my spirit still entrapped in ancient caves, my effort to liberate failed yet another year.......

Dear god, help me pave my way to true liberation ,I promise to tread on it always.
Give me the strength to start afresh with renewed vigour & ample force to rebound my spirit at this new chance towards..... you ,I promise to not collapse in between.
Hold my hand like always in darkness , I promise to grope my way towards a new dawn without letting you down.
Just be with me & keep guiding me always , I promise to live this year as well......

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Pal said...

I am a woman of silent words,
but a lot they say;
I'm trying my best
to find my own way;
It's a long process ,
I have been told;
But still i am waiting,
for my destiny to unfold;
I have seen lot of happiness,
and i have been hurt;
I have been treated like a princess,
I've also been treated like a dirt;
I will never ask for anything,
You have to read it in my eyes;
I want to be loved,
but without paying any price;
Now I am at peace with myself,
love the solitude that i have;
With time i have changed in to someone else,
believe me i know;
without doing that,
how could i continue to grow