Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The void , I thought could never be filled by anyone not because nobody fitted the bill but more because no one noticed it in my life, WHY????? cos people have life to live, they are busy.I can now claim ,is beautifully fitted in by you .....my beloved didi pallavi. I never told you anything about this void but you were concerned truly to unearth it from under the various wraps ,i hid it in. I didn't talk bout it ever but you were focussed enough to sense the undercurrent .I never could cure it but you went out of your way to balm it with your soothing words & unsung gestures . I know , thank you is not acceptable to you but still ............I want you to know You are special & very precious to me . You re my hero....you are my elder sis, god forgot to give me in time but he has more than made up for his folly.Just a reminder ..."I LOVE YOU" & really look upto you. THANKS FOR BEING THERE FOR ME PAL....LOVEU.


Pal said...

Nidhi before i knew you i used to think of you as smart urban woman...and i have met my share os smart urban women...but after i came to know you better i was shocked to realize that God still makes woman like you...babu you are an absolutely amazingly brave woman and now i have taken it upon myself to see that this national treasure of ours is well protected....i am not jokin...i have lot of respect for you and i find very few to respect...you made me realize so many things unknowingly...your quiet courage and grace is beyond your years....so plz dont thank me...i am fortunate that i know such a beautiful person like you....keep smilin...thats the way iw ant to see you.

Nimisha said...

Nids and Pal.....tum dono ki aisi sachhi aur sundar bhawnayen ek dusre ke liye padh ke meri aankhen nam ho aayi hain. aisa sachha saathi mil jaaye to fir indradhanush chhone lagta hai humen...hai na !!

I love u both....dil ki andar ki tahon se.

Nids, jaldi se theek hoke wapas aa jao. missing u !