Monday, May 18, 2009

जय हो.......!

India has given its verdict and shown the world, "VOTE KA DUM". Finally, parliament will be free of paan-sprewing,dhoti-clad, topi-dhaari,paunchy,dozing netas coz india opted for a newer gen-x leaders over them , leaders, who are tech-savvy, don designer khadi wear in absolute match with denim, who are now required to work on grass root level of their constituencies too. INDIA VOTED......the thought makes me so happy indeed, it opted for stable government over make-believe promises, national interest over casteism/regionalism -- well in some significant cases, wiping off anti-incumbency factor totally, giving it right in the face for parties who indulged in negative politics, bidding good bye to post-poll horse trading, showing self professed king-makers their right place.......hoo heehee haha.I hope, these leaders do justice to thier jobs & I hope INDIA continues to keep awake.........JAI HO!!

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