Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pride and Prejudice!!

Great expectations kills relationships, as much pure & as much pious a bond you share with someone, the minute expectations comes to fore , relationships begin to sour. It is better to maintain a minimal interaction , not indulging in "who did what" and " for whom", if u treasure congenial ties------completely do away with " who went first". If a relationship is worth plunging in and there is mutual respect ,harmony, concern for each others well being........NEVER let ego clash , disrespect,malign intentions set roots in it.Of all relationships friendship is purest , so i feel, coz u choose your companions out of your own free will,there are no blood ties -marital bonds to compel you to drag a sour going relation, which is why, friendships out run most of these ties. I treasure all my friends very dearly coz they are the ones who stand by me come what may without any self interest. They make my life worth living by reminding me of my strengths and shortcomings time to time. They are my pillars of strength, They are my lifeline. In life so far, i did loose a few friends owing to fights, tiffs, quarrels and i always firmly believed that if they knew the real "me" at all, they have for sure returned back to me sooner or later. This time round, I'm yet to see what destiny has in store for me coz it is a different scenario altogether, it was not a tiff or an innocent argument, quite surprisingly, it became a war of PRIDE and PREJUDICE.......pride which got hurt on both the sides and prejudice ,a judgement was passed without justification. As much as I'm hurt , I'm eager to see the end of this colossal failure...........In our hearts of heart, we know this had long been pending and this was a divine and an expected or should i say a delayed vengeance.I guess, now your hurt ego must be completely satisfied..........?I still wish you every happiness and peace in life.

This Blog is pertaining to my soured relationship with a much treasured friend........this is how i grumble, when I'm myself!

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